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Must have features of any Restaurant Management Software

Inventory Tracking and Management
Real-time inventory updates give restaurants with a better sense of their data and allow them to make quicker resolutions on reordering and menu profitability. The restaurant inventory management software integrated with a POS system gives the next level of granularity into how over-portioning, consumption, spillage, and theft are cutting into the bottom line.

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Customer Support
As more restaurant POS software become cloud-based, it’s important that restaurants have responsive and effective customer support. Among profitability sometimes determined during the numerous important hours of the week, it’s critical that your POS never goes down, and if it does there is a backup option until everything is thoroughly resolved.
Amazing cloud-based restaurant management system has developed offline modes, where if the internet does go down, the software synchronously turns to offline mode and remains to run uninterrupted. If the problem continues beyond this, the best restaurant POS software providers have technicians on-call waiting to diagnose the software’s issues.

Tableside and Kiosk Ordering Restaurant POS Features
There were three parts of restaurant POS software that are expected to become frequently popular in 2018 remain mobile POS tablets, tableside payment, and self-service systems. Restaurants and customers are alike seeing the value in the support of each.
Mobile POS tablets provide servers to give orders more promptly and enhance customer wait time.
Meet at the table makes customer review their bill, pay and leave without delay.
The self-service restaurant has been shown to improve ticket sizes by 5-10 % and is being run out of nationwide smart restaurants.

Online Ordering Integration
There were two prime benefits of a restaurant management software with integrated online ordering are:
Combined online ordering reduces vendor fees on the restaurant’s end.
Orders don’t have to be re-entered, overcoming an order’s turnaround time.

Loyalty, Gift Cards, and CRM Restaurant POS Features
Restaurants are mostly using loyalty programs take customers to spend 39% longer than non-loyalty guests, while diners spend up to 72% more on ordinary when paying with a gift card. gift card and Loyalty programs are great ways to incentivize customers to visit more frequently and to spend more per visit.
The capacity for restaurants to integrate their loyalty and gift card programs with the restaurant management system means they can retain loyal consumers with targeted marketing, drive them back into the restaurants and get reliable conclusions based on consumer behaviour.

Ability to Customize by Restaurant Types
All the restaurants are not the same. What an only food truck needs from its restaurant management software is very ordinary from an enterprise franchise of full-service restaurants. A restaurant pos software shouldn’t be a monolith but preferably something that can be easily customized to fit the exact needs of a particular restaurant.
More restaurateurs are seeking out POS providers that enable them to build the ideal combination of hardware and software so they have all they need but still wait lean and efficient. This restaurant benefits in the long term as they aren’t saddled with add-ons, they are spending for but don’t require.

Valuable Reporting and Analytics Restaurant POS Features
A foodie365cloud – restaurant POS software serves as the collection point for all of a restaurant’s reporting. Perceptibility of this level serves restaurants adjust their menu based on past month’s exact deals, shift employee scheduling to surprisingly busy times, and decrease waste with more accurate inventory methods.

Simplicity and Efficiency
The restaurant inventory management software is simple to use and efficient way of staying ahead of the competition.

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Key Features of Restaurant management software

If you’re operating a restaurant, chances are you are using a POS system to perform all of your sales transactions. Although a POS system’s various current function is to electronically process transactions, those geared toward the hospitality industry often contain restaurant POS software features that particularly cater to a restaurant’s needs. This restaurant POS software is designed to help operate the Front of House with more ease, create unity between the dining hall and the kitchen, and to provide tools for restaurants to give better service.

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Here is a list of the more important restaurant POS software features to consider:
Restaurant POS software will be providing you with a lot of important information that is helpful to running your business. Top of the line restaurant billing software have sales reports that provide a scannable overview of the most important sales data as well as menu intelligence reports that can give necessary knowledge about which dishes are selling and which are requiring your business money. POS system software can also provide acumen through labor reports that can help to manage and organize scheduling and labor costs while controlling your staff’s productivity.

Customized Menu and Floor plans
A good restaurant management system will allow you to customize your interface in a way that works intuitively with your menu and floor plan. You can create courses and automatically fire items. You can customize what changes can be made to dishes and move items to a different course. You will additionally more able to customize your floor plan on your POS system to help promote a regular service.

“Soft” Hardware
Traditional POS software usually come with very heavy and expensive hardware. Good news is, with cloud-based restaurant POS software systems the hardware is reliable, portable and flexible. With advanced POS software system, you will save 52% of hardware costs and you’ll keep everything a lot more streamlined in your space.

Customer Database
POS software systems are important for the data they store about your most frequent customers, helping you provide better service for your regulars. You will use the software to save birthdays, anniversaries, and other basic information about your customers. Foodie365cloud allows the restaurant to create automatic customer profiles, track purchase history, write records and create groups.

Automated Inventory Integration
An essential restaurant management apps is integration with Back of the House management platforms in order to automate inventory tracking. This indicates that for every item your restaurant sells, that item is automatically decreased from your inventory.

Tablet and Table-side Ordering
Many POS software systems tailored to restaurants offer customer-facing checkout services. This instant service software system shortens the wait time to place an order and pay the bill, which in turn facilitates faster table turnover. Table-side tablet ordering has also become a key feature in restaurant POS software, so that servers can take orders faster and allocate their time more efficiently.

Integrated Loyalty and Gift Card Programs
Restaurant POS software often have integrated loyalty programs so that you don’t have to print loyalty cards and punch holes anymore. All the customer’s past purchases are collected in the system so that you can easily provide loyalty incentives. Restaurants have the ability to save and process gift cards outwardly affecting sales transactions. Customers can easily obtain their gift card (since all the information is stored) and restaurants can properly monitor their gift card programs.

Cloud Services
The restaurant billing software platforms are built on the cloud, which means that all the action is available to key staff members. This allows administrators and partners to have a bird’s eye view of their business externally having to be physically present.

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Restaurant management software

Customized restaurant management software for all kind of Food business!
Software for fine Dining Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Coffee House, Restaurants, Club,
Mini-Bar, Banquet.
Foodie365cloud – restaurant management software actually performs more than just restaurant pos software. The restaurant billing software has modules for your front of the house, back of house, HR and CRM processes.

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Below are the main features of a typical restaurant management system:
1. Core POS
The main module consists of receiving payments and tracking sales. The POS may combine table and on-site POS via handheld, tablet, which enables you to take orders remotely from the main cashier register. The POS is associated with other main systems like credit card and payment gateways, inventory management and CRM to form an end-to-end restaurant management system.

2. Employee scheduler
This module or feature usually comes with a calendar and an employee portal. The calendar displays available and taken slots, while the portal empowers employees to book their own schedule. It avoids disagreement in the schedule and performs it easy to spot days that are understaffed or overstaffed, giving your room to make quick arrangements. The employee scheduler might be linked to a time-tracking and restaurant inventory management software features for a seamless attendance-payroll processing.

3. Gift cards and loyalty program
The system produces printed or digital gift cards that customers can purchase online or on-site. Gift cards are swiped or scanned and the transaction, including balances that apply, is automatically caught and recorded by the restaurant management software. Since gift card is a function of a loyalty program, in most methods you can run reports based on gift card data to gain marketing insights. It provides you with a picture of your repeat or referral sales. The gift card is typically associated with a CRM, which captures customer data when they obtain or use the gift card.

4. Inventory management
It encourages you to obtain tight control over your stocks and avoid overstocks and stockouts, twain of which put a twist to the cash flow. You can track stocks before they run out, link the software or make supplier named user based on rights for direct orders and break down items to elementary level for a fuller view of stocks. This module also generates reports to help you calculate food costs and pricing and regularly provide you with an actual picture of your profitability. It also supports identify variances like waste, theft and voids and improve the back of the house workflow.

5. Reservation system
This module allows clients to book online via a web application or mobile application. It assists prevent overbooking and manages your staff and resources based on bookings.

6. Payment processing integration
A restaurant management system usually integrates with a payment gateway or credit card processing method that allows customers to pay differently than cash. Customers will securely sign in using a handheld device or scanner.

7. Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics module allows you to run analytics by merging data from other modules to come up with insights in your operations. These insights can be revealed in sales reports, commercial statements, employee performance records and marketing campaign metrics.

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Top Benefits of Restaurant POS management Software

What is a Restaurant POS Software?
A restaurant point-of-sale software which is often used alongside with the card reader for accepting customer payments. The major advantage of a POS software is that it shows every sales transaction following within the enterprise and also includes tools required for operations like recording customer orders, inventory control and managing of sales reports etc. The software for a POS station includes a tablet and stand, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer. Many restaurants often attach with kitchen printers to smoothly accomplish the kitchen orders.

Restaurant Billing software_Noc 01,2018
Top 6 benefits of Restaurant POS Software
1. Floor/Table Management
A restaurant management software assists with customizing the floor design and thereby control the individual tables. It helps in tracing the orders, secure they are precisely placed and distributed to the right person. Once a table is filled, a restaurant management software, place orders by seat to ensure the guest receive the same menu they ordered. It also includes and fire orders as needed, and when the meal is complete, divide checks by guest in seconds to ensure happy customers.

2. Kitchen Communication
Once an order is placed at the POS, the ticket is assigned quickly to the kitchen via a remote printer, representing the kitchen staff to see the order accepted and induct the course of action without any delay. A restaurant billing software, print different menu items to different kitchen printers to assure orders are sent to the right station. For example, all drink orders can be sent to the bar counter while all food orders are sent to the kitchen. In short, the Restaurant management software ensures that orders reach the kitchen quickly and correctly.

3. Employee Management
Restaurant management software helps in maintaining employee time and attendance. Software guarantees high-level security by limiting the employee access to sensitive data. For example: Accomplishing manager approval for discounts and voids assures with economic security. It also runs efficiently the whole payroll through your point of sale system.

4. Customizable Menu
Restaurant management software supports in programming the menu with maximum ease. The restaurant POS software allows the provision of distributing the menu in term of sections – for example, delicacies, mains, sides, and drinks – to have everything prepared for the staff. It further assists in scoring notes for customer’s preferences, allergies, or special requests and send them to the kitchen or bar counter printers.

5. Integrated Inventory Management
The greatest restaurant management software helps in efficiently managing the inventory. A restaurant software enables with an immediate and accurate update on store inventory. A restaurant POS management software can automatically track and control the inventory, serving the restaurant partners in large via reducing resource loss. Unlike the standard inventory system, a restaurant system helps with analyzing the previous sales data, thereby allowing producing better determinations on product reordering. It helps in recognizing the enhanced demand for certain products and adequately placing them back in the inventory.

6. Integrated Restaurant POS Accounting Software
A restaurant software assures that the operational and financial data is constantly in balance. It also reduces the unnecessary data entry saving time and decreasing the number of standard errors. An integration to POS systems accomplishes the conciliation of cash location-by-location and make the necessary accounting transactions.

The Best Restaurant POS Software also includes the following features:
1. Till Management
– Discount tracking
– Support for gift cards and coupons
– Cash control
– Tip tracking
– Tracking for payouts and voided transactions
– Multiple ticket-splitting options

2. Menu & Order Management
– Support for menu item descriptions
– Order modifiers
– Kitchen printer support
– Printing for pickup and delivery tickets

3. Reporting Tools
– Remote access to management tools and analytics
– The diversity of reports, including profit and loss reports or statements
– Integration with or data export to accounting records

4. Basic Employee Management
– Configuration for user profiles and permissions
– Employee schedule management
– Staff messaging

5. Basic Customer Management
– Customer order history tracking
– Customer loyalty program management
– Automated marketing tools
– Social media integration
– The timely offering of discounts to customers
– Tracks individual sales happening.

6. Advanced Inventory Tools
– Food inventory management
– Accounting for inventory waste
– Support for liquor control devices

restaurant billing software provides a simple and easy to navigate user interface. One can easily facilitate Table and Floor management, Product/Menu management options, fast billing, Online ordering facility, Offline support, Invoice generation and a lot of other option to effectively manage a restaurant. The software is cooperative with any hardware including, Barcode scanner, Swiping machine and Cash drawer box.

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Benefits of Restaurant Management Software for your Cafe

From managing customers to providing great food, ambiance and ensuring quality throughout, it is a pain in the neck to run a restaurant or even a small cafe. The attention to details in ensuring consistent quality, revenue and profit isn’t easy. While restaurant owners are lured by the architectural designers for giving that perfect ambiance and comfortable environment, they mostly ignore the most important aspect of running this business restaurant management.

Restaurant Software For Cafe
While investment in a great ambiance, environment, and food quality, will definitely go a long way in growing the restaurant, investment in technology also plays an equally important role in it. It doesn’t matter you are running a chain of restaurants or a small cafe, having an automated restaurant management system goes a long way in helping you achieve your short term and long-term goals.

As a premium restaurant management software provider, Citta Solution believes in exceeding their client expectations. After years of our experience of providing high-quality software to our clients, we have finally listed some benefits of installing an awesome restaurant management software.

Here are 10 Reasons Why a Restaurant Management Software Is Important and Beneficial:
1. Attendance Management
Tracking employee performance and attendance is a painstakingly difficult task if you were to do it manually. Thankfully, with an RMS, you have an added benefit of managing time and attendance for your waiters, managers, chefs, cooks and restaurant employees. The age-old method of using Excel spreadsheets, printed contracts, and paper sheets is weeding away with the passage of time. Restaurant and cafe owners have become smarter than they were before, and with a little investment, they can now do all that is required to maintain operational effectiveness and efficiency. Restaurant owners know that having a well-managed system in place reduces their time, costs and efforts in managing the workforce.

Here are some of the features of a typical restaurant management software with workforce management capabilities:

• Update employee availability

• Employee time attendance

• Employee leave and absent reports

• Employee scheduling

2. Inventory Control
The success of your restaurant or cafe will depend upon how successfully you purchase, store, manage and efficiently use your inventory by analyzing the demand from customers and supply from suppliers.
Inventory is also one of the biggest direct expenses of a restaurant, and one that needs to be consistently kept tabs on.
Know in real-time about your inventory, such as how much has been purchased, used, wasted, in stock, in kitchen, etc. The benefit is to save food from getting wasted and streamline your inventory management process to understand and serve customer demands in a better manner.
Remember, wastage is a huge cost for any business. Save food, save money and increase profits. This is and should be the aim of a high-end restaurant management software.

3. Tracking Sales
Sales is a challenging aspect to track and maintain. From customers spending in cash and credit cards to account for expenses, taxes, and profits, you need a restaurant management software that does it all for you.
With our restaurant management software, you get the added advantage of a tablet ordering system and a POS management system. Everything will be streamlined. When waiters take orders, they do it on the tablet, which is in real-time integrated with the backend to track expenses, revenue, and sales. You can generate weekly or monthly reports in order to know sales revenue from each item in the menu, cash sales, or card sales and much more.

4. Credit and Debit Card Processing
While cash still dominates the Asian marketplace when it comes to making transactions, there has been an increasing use of credit cards among customers. It is therefore important, to cater to all types of customer that will impact the bottom line, i.e. sales revenue. Your restaurant management software should be able to take care of credit/debit card and cash sales.

5. Preparation of Financial Statements
What’s good about a restaurant management software that does not provide financial statements? You should be able to generate weekly and monthly reports of financial statements that track down your expenses, revenue, taxes, salaries, inventory and much more. Restaurant management software simplifies the process of financial statement preparation, such as profit and loss statements, tax statements, and so on. With such a feature, all the necessary figures can be accessed instantly through the system, and this as expected will save lots of time and effort.
Our RMS does that for you and so should any ideal RMS do.

6. Cloud access
With our software, you get cloud access to the system whereby everything is done and stored in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about safety, server accessability, and security of your data.

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Restaurant Management Software & Bar Management Software

Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a single place
Does your restaurant have multiple outlets in an industry? A fast food chain?
Managing your big and small branch restaurants or franchises involves operations like billing, accounting, and many more complex tasks. But with the help of foodie365cloud’s Head Office module, take centralized control over all the connected branches or franchises with command over menu items, rates, partial control over stock and inventory management of individual locations and more.

Restaurant & Bar Software

Intelligent inventory and stock management
Big results for small efforts. foodie365cloud POS offers a smart inventory and stock management system that provides you real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients which leads to increased cost-effectiveness and reduced wastage and discrepancies in stock, thence simplifying the stock management.

Elevate your customer’s dining experience with foodie365cloud’s tablet menu
Adios paperback menu now comes the savvy new digital restaurant menu. Designed to provide customers with an interactive ordering experience, the application works on both iPad and Android tablets. The order management system is enhanced with high-resolution pictures and food entrees description allowing easy item selection and order.

Third-party software and hardware integration
foodie365cloud! Restaurant Management Software is integrated with a plethora of third-party hardware and software systems. Caller ID systems, biometric devices, weigh scales, POS peripherals, financial accounting software, credit card server, PMS and much more.

Mobile App for Reports
Providing you with a unique opportunity to not be glued to your desktop, foodie365cloud’s Mobile App for POS reports will allow you to receive summarized reports right on your android phone, iPhone, or iPad as well as letting you perform various restaurant operations on the go.

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Restaurant Software


While investing in elements such as marketing and décor will go a long way in advancing the growth of a restaurant, investing in the right technology also plays a huge role, with restaurant management software being among the “must haves”. Every restaurant out there, whether small, medium-sized, or large, will benefit greatly by switching from manual restaurant management processes to automated or software-based ones.
Here are some of the reasons why restaurant management software is a “must have” for every restaurant that intends to improve its bottom line, and why every restaurant owner or manager reading this should consider implementing one as soon as possible:

Restaurant management software_26 April,2018_V1.0

1. Workforce Management
Traditionally, employee or workforce management systems consisted of Excel spreadsheets, paper schedules, printed contracts, paper-based timesheets and so on. Today, these manual ways of managing employees are no longer as effective as they once were. They have instead become time-consuming and extremely troublesome.
Online or web-based employee management systems, on the other hand, have become the ideal solutions since they are a 100 times more efficient. This is because they automate the entire spectrum of employee scheduling and other HR processes.
These systems have the capability to store all kinds of employee data including contact details, contracts and pay slips, therefore minimizing paperwork, printouts, unorganized folders, and extensive storage areas.

In addition to all that, restaurant management software enables employees to update their availability, make time off requests, book and swap shifts and access their schedules, among many other processes that contribute to a successful scheduling and communication process.

2. Inventory Control

Inventory is usually the 2nd major expense a restaurant incurs. All restaurants out there will therefore benefit hugely from a system that can effectively control inventory, such as restaurant management software. When a restaurant is able to get a proper overview of its stock, it can easily predict the amount of food it needs to purchase and how much it needs to prepare to avoid tossing much, if any, into the waste bin. It is only by identifying and adapting to its spending habits that a restaurant can avoid wastage– and thus save money. This is exactly what quality restaurant management software can help a restaurant to achieve. However, not all restaurant management software in the market today come with this function but it is relatively easy to acquire one that does.

3. Tracking of Sales
Many restaurants, especially the most established ones, handle high volumes of cash and credit cards on a daily basis. Restaurant management software, unlike the traditional cash register, tracks all sales down to the last penny. This way, restaurant owners and managers are able to identify the most popular items on the menu, and in the same way, the least desired items. With this kind of insight, they can adjust the menu accordingly.

4. Credit and Debit Card Processing
Most restaurant management software will also take care of credit and debit card processing easily and effectively, therefore doing away with the need for a separate system. With restaurant management software of good reputation, credit and debit card processing not only get easier, it gets quicker and more secure for all involved.

5. Preparation of Financial Statements
Restaurant management software simplifies the process of financial statement preparation, such as profit and loss statements, tax statements, and so on. With such a feature, all the necessary figures can be accessed instantly through the system, and this as expected will save lots of time and effort.

6. Point of Sale Security
Restaurant management software enhances or increases security at the point of sale. This simply means that with such as system already in place, servers will always be accountable for their sales because without a password it would be impossible for them to mess with customer checks. This not only helps curb employee theft, but it also stops employees from giving unauthorized discounts to family and friends.

7. Off-site Control
Restaurant management software also has the capability to enable off-site loggings via an internet connection. This means that as a restaurant owner or manager, you will be able to monitor inventory usage, labor patterns, sales, and other crucial processes remotely or from a distance. This will allow you to identify and address problems quickly even when you are not in the vicinity.

These are just a few benefits that quality restaurant management software can bring to your restaurant, but all in all, you can expect your bottom line to improve by implementing such a system.
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