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Must have features of any Restaurant Management Software

Inventory Tracking and Management
Real-time inventory updates give restaurants with a better sense of their data and allow them to make quicker resolutions on reordering and menu profitability. The restaurant inventory management software integrated with a POS system gives the next level of granularity into how over-portioning, consumption, spillage, and theft are cutting into the bottom line.

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Customer Support
As more restaurant POS software become cloud-based, it’s important that restaurants have responsive and effective customer support. Among profitability sometimes determined during the numerous important hours of the week, it’s critical that your POS never goes down, and if it does there is a backup option until everything is thoroughly resolved.
Amazing cloud-based restaurant management system has developed offline modes, where if the internet does go down, the software synchronously turns to offline mode and remains to run uninterrupted. If the problem continues beyond this, the best restaurant POS software providers have technicians on-call waiting to diagnose the software’s issues.

Tableside and Kiosk Ordering Restaurant POS Features
There were three parts of restaurant POS software that are expected to become frequently popular in 2018 remain mobile POS tablets, tableside payment, and self-service systems. Restaurants and customers are alike seeing the value in the support of each.
Mobile POS tablets provide servers to give orders more promptly and enhance customer wait time.
Meet at the table makes customer review their bill, pay and leave without delay.
The self-service restaurant has been shown to improve ticket sizes by 5-10 % and is being run out of nationwide smart restaurants.

Online Ordering Integration
There were two prime benefits of a restaurant management software with integrated online ordering are:
Combined online ordering reduces vendor fees on the restaurant’s end.
Orders don’t have to be re-entered, overcoming an order’s turnaround time.

Loyalty, Gift Cards, and CRM Restaurant POS Features
Restaurants are mostly using loyalty programs take customers to spend 39% longer than non-loyalty guests, while diners spend up to 72% more on ordinary when paying with a gift card. gift card and Loyalty programs are great ways to incentivize customers to visit more frequently and to spend more per visit.
The capacity for restaurants to integrate their loyalty and gift card programs with the restaurant management system means they can retain loyal consumers with targeted marketing, drive them back into the restaurants and get reliable conclusions based on consumer behaviour.

Ability to Customize by Restaurant Types
All the restaurants are not the same. What an only food truck needs from its restaurant management software is very ordinary from an enterprise franchise of full-service restaurants. A restaurant pos software shouldn’t be a monolith but preferably something that can be easily customized to fit the exact needs of a particular restaurant.
More restaurateurs are seeking out POS providers that enable them to build the ideal combination of hardware and software so they have all they need but still wait lean and efficient. This restaurant benefits in the long term as they aren’t saddled with add-ons, they are spending for but don’t require.

Valuable Reporting and Analytics Restaurant POS Features
A foodie365cloud – restaurant POS software serves as the collection point for all of a restaurant’s reporting. Perceptibility of this level serves restaurants adjust their menu based on past month’s exact deals, shift employee scheduling to surprisingly busy times, and decrease waste with more accurate inventory methods.

Simplicity and Efficiency
The restaurant inventory management software is simple to use and efficient way of staying ahead of the competition.

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