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Key Features of Restaurant management software

If you’re operating a restaurant, chances are you are using a POS system to perform all of your sales transactions. Although a POS system’s various current function is to electronically process transactions, those geared toward the hospitality industry often contain restaurant POS software features that particularly cater to a restaurant’s needs. This restaurant POS software is designed to help operate the Front of House with more ease, create unity between the dining hall and the kitchen, and to provide tools for restaurants to give better service.

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Here is a list of the more important restaurant POS software features to consider:
Restaurant POS software will be providing you with a lot of important information that is helpful to running your business. Top of the line restaurant billing software have sales reports that provide a scannable overview of the most important sales data as well as menu intelligence reports that can give necessary knowledge about which dishes are selling and which are requiring your business money. POS system software can also provide acumen through labor reports that can help to manage and organize scheduling and labor costs while controlling your staff’s productivity.

Customized Menu and Floor plans
A good restaurant management system will allow you to customize your interface in a way that works intuitively with your menu and floor plan. You can create courses and automatically fire items. You can customize what changes can be made to dishes and move items to a different course. You will additionally more able to customize your floor plan on your POS system to help promote a regular service.

“Soft” Hardware
Traditional POS software usually come with very heavy and expensive hardware. Good news is, with cloud-based restaurant POS software systems the hardware is reliable, portable and flexible. With advanced POS software system, you will save 52% of hardware costs and you’ll keep everything a lot more streamlined in your space.

Customer Database
POS software systems are important for the data they store about your most frequent customers, helping you provide better service for your regulars. You will use the software to save birthdays, anniversaries, and other basic information about your customers. Foodie365cloud allows the restaurant to create automatic customer profiles, track purchase history, write records and create groups.

Automated Inventory Integration
An essential restaurant management apps is integration with Back of the House management platforms in order to automate inventory tracking. This indicates that for every item your restaurant sells, that item is automatically decreased from your inventory.

Tablet and Table-side Ordering
Many POS software systems tailored to restaurants offer customer-facing checkout services. This instant service software system shortens the wait time to place an order and pay the bill, which in turn facilitates faster table turnover. Table-side tablet ordering has also become a key feature in restaurant POS software, so that servers can take orders faster and allocate their time more efficiently.

Integrated Loyalty and Gift Card Programs
Restaurant POS software often have integrated loyalty programs so that you don’t have to print loyalty cards and punch holes anymore. All the customer’s past purchases are collected in the system so that you can easily provide loyalty incentives. Restaurants have the ability to save and process gift cards outwardly affecting sales transactions. Customers can easily obtain their gift card (since all the information is stored) and restaurants can properly monitor their gift card programs.

Cloud Services
The restaurant billing software platforms are built on the cloud, which means that all the action is available to key staff members. This allows administrators and partners to have a bird’s eye view of their business externally having to be physically present.

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